Are you fortunate enough to bear one of the above surnames ? If so, and you can trace your ancestry back to the Anglo-Scottish Border region, then you have inherited a very impressive family history of which you can be justly proud.


Arms of the Chiefs

Once you have grasped the basic principles, you will be soon able to appreciate many designs that utilise and develop these simple ideas.

Reading tha Tartan

You will need a little practice at READING a tartan, but it is not really all that difficult The main thing is to be able to recognise the two unique points within the pattern which are called pivots.

It is made up of a series of thinner stripes that modify the broader bands of colour. Of course, you can also start from the black pivot point and proceed through the yellow pivot point to the next black pivot point. This will move the black stripes to the edge of the cloth, instead of the yellow

John was formerly a piper with the Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders and the 4th Royal Tank Regiment.

Find your ancestry to know who you are

I have always wanted to know who my ancestors are. Generally, the idea of having famous ancestors makes me somehow excited and want to know more. Don't you feel the same? What if there is royal blood in your veins? What if you are related to someone who made something amazing or even terrible in the past, wouldn't you know to find that out? Maybe you are related to someone who is a totally different culture and maybe you have something of an old, long lost civilization in you.

Some companies offer you to do a gene test. That is the most trusted way to see if there are any genes in your cells that are common to some other regions in the world. They can follow connections a few hundred or even thousand years ago. Maybe generations ago your grand...grandmother married a man who was from a totally different part of the world. Wouldn't it be interesting to know if you have relatives on other continents? You can find long lost relatives from across the world. It is the best way to explore your roots even if you are not interested and spend time with an escort Paris.

The possibilities of today's science

Maybe one of your ancestors was a war hero, or related to a mastermind. Many families don't track their family trees and don't follow relatives, so many escorts you are related to are lost and maybe moved somewhere you will never be able to find them unless you do a detailed research. The internet can help you with that. The online world is not only the place where you can enjoy talking with an escort Paris, but also find people who are related to you.

Because of the fact that the wife takes the last name of her husband and their children do it also, it is sometimes unbelievably hard to follow the connections only by name. The genes are a much more reliable way to research such connections. But how does that work? Well, the genes are the recipe for our body. That are commands on how to build everything in our body. Some of those are general, like the structure of organs, bones and similar things, but some are can be pretty diverse. Even in such general stuff as the recipe for the structure of our lungs, different escorts have different instructions written in their genes. It can be compared to different grammar, word use, font, color of the pen and even size of the words in recipes for food.

Since there are billions of such recipes and since their place in the whole genetic code is also important, there are hundreds of billions of possibilities. Some "structures" are known as common for different continents or groups of people even escorts. That is how it can be determined if you are related, and in what measure, to other groups of people. It is a highly safe method to know who can your ancestors be. But it is impossible to track certain persons that you may be related to. One day it will maybe become possible to even do that, but until then we will need to let our imagination think about different scenarios, because who knows, maybe you are the one who has more royal blood in your veins then the current royal family.