How to trace your family history

It is hard to find out more about your ancestry if there is no family tree someone created in the past to track your relatives in the long past. That may mean that it is time for you to do that. It is important to include everyone you are related to.

But you can do even more about that. Ask your parents or grandmother or grandfather about your relatives. Make connections and try to find those people to learn more from them about their side of the family. Include as many as possible family names, because on the female side of your family line the real obvious connection (the last name) can be lost through taking the name of their husbands.

Make a good family tree

Maybe you will find out that a famous person is your ancestor. There are many books written by specialists that track certain big family names. That is the case in Europe, where royal families can have many ancestors that are related to "normal" people. Those people live normally and may not know about that. And maybe you are related to them, which makes you a royal person, your highness. That could be really interesting to find out.

Once I saw a series on Discovery channel that followed lost royal blood lines. The most interesting one was the one including the theory that an English queen had a relationship with a "normal" man. The people who made the documentary followed her blood line and found a family living in Australia that may have more royal blood than the current royal family. But that is only a theory. The attitude and moral is more important than the genes. But that theory had some quite strong arguments. What would you do if you found out something like that? I don't know what I would, maybe the best solutions would be to continue your normal life and make the best out of it.