Discover the secrets of your past with your family tree

The family tree can show you some quite interesting information about your past. And you can learn many things about who you are from it. But does it really tell you who you are - of course it does not. You real "I" is defined by you and not by your ancestors.

Old records and marriage documents and archives can help you realize who you are related to. If you already don't have a family tree, create one. You will do it not only for yourself, but also for the generations to come. And you will maybe find it that interesting that you will keep doing it with other family names and write a book.

I was always amazed by the power of ancestry. My grand grandparents moved here from Asia, but I really don't look Asian at all. So I decided to do some research. I found out that I am related to a huge Asian family, on my grandmother's side, that is currently living in Japan. I made it possible to get in touch with them and they followed their family since 200 BC. In Japan it is quite common to do that. At the end I found out that I am related to a few famous Japanese people and a former Japanese Emperor who was named Kogen through one of his concubines.

That was quite interesting for me to find out. Maybe you will also be able to find out something like that by following your ancestors. Be sure to search for every name, and to follow the blood line. It will require a lot of research and time but at the end you will maybe find out something quite interesting. Don't hesitate to even hire a professional, they will know how to do it much faster.